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High quality stainless steel coffee measuring spoon and bag clip, measures 7g of ground coffee for your drink and also doubles up as a bag clip, keeping your coffee sealed and dry very useful and essential.
Coffee Measuring Spoon & Bag Clip
Latte Rainbow Long Spoons (New)
You now have the fun on deciding which coffees your like best from our range.
Pick and Mix Coffee Bags (200g) (Choose your own favorites)
(strength 6 Extra Strong)
Devils Delight (200g)
(Strength 5 Very Strong)
Wakey Wakey :) (New 200g)
Strength 5 Extra Strong)
Cloud Nine (200g)
(Strength 4.75 Very Strong)
Blue Moon (200g)
(Strength 4.75 Very Strong)
Pirates Gold (200g)
(strength 4.5 Strong)
Witches Brew (200g)